Delicious dish recommendations to start your day off right

By Madison M. Stevenson

Breakfast is easily my favorite meal of the day. Everything about having a good meal in the morning is exciting; the anticipation of going out to a restaurant and having a cup of coffee, the delicious aromas, and the variety of flavorsome foods. Breakfast is just a fun activity.

As a vegetarian, I feel breakfast can be a challenge when eating out but luckily Tucson offers a wide variety of appetizing choices where you can enjoy your first meal of the day. It is the simplest meal for me to eat because there are a good number of options and being a Tucson native, I know where the good, authentic food can be found. Here are my top five favorite restaurants in Tucson and my favorite vegetarian breakfast dishes to get at each location.

Café Marcel
Café Marcel Creperie & Espresso Bar offers some of the best homemade crepes in Tucson. The varieties are truly endless; fruit crepes, cinnamon sugar crepes, savory crepes, and more. They highly encourage mixing up different flavors if you’re not interested in what they offer on the menu. Granola inside of a sweet crepe adds a crunch so I put them in my Nutella banana crepes.

Locally owned, they are located on the south-west corner of Grant and Oracle at 2281 N. Oracle Road. This is a smaller restaurant with a simple and comfortable atmosphere. Café Marcel is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and settle in to read the morning paper.

Baja Café
Since its grand opening in March of 2014, Baja Café has become well known for its incredibly appealing southwest inspired breakfast dishes. It has received plenty of local, state, and even national-level recognition in the last four years for its memorable breakfast options at its three different locations, each with its own menu.

I like to visit the original location at 7002 E. Broadway Blvd. for the Construction Burro which is definitely a personal favorite. It’s a burrito that allows you to choose up to three extra toppings in addition to the egg, cheese, and hash browns that already come included. As a vegetarian, this allows me to have a traditional style breakfast filled with lots of extra vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, and jalapenos.

Baja Café offers two additional locations at 2970 N. Campbell Ave. and 3930 W. Ina, suite 322, on the Northwest side of Tucson. You’ll need to visit each location to check out the original menu at each extension of the café.

Bobo’s Restaurant
Bobo’s Restaurant is located in the center of Tucson at 2938 E. Grant Rd. This is perfect for students who live on or near the University of Arizona campus. Bobo’s offers a country style breakfast and lunch menu in a cozy yet fast-paced restaurant. Although it feels tight inside, once you sit down it really has a quality of home. The staff is always sweet and greets you in record time.

The restaurant is known for its incredibly large pancakes, usually spilling over the plate when served. The pancakes are perfect to share so if I’m with someone else, I’ll usually split the pancakes with them and add eggs, home-style potatoes, and toast for myself. This combination tastes amazing after a night out! The prices are also reasonable so it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a great-quality, home-style breakfast on a budget.

Teaspoon is a boutique-style breakfast café located at 7053 N. Oracle Rd. in the Casas Adobes Plaza. It is truly a hidden gem with plenty of delightful breakfast and lunch options made from scratch that are cooked to perfection.

A few of my favorites include their bubble waffles inspired by the street-style Hong Kong waffles found in China topped with House English clotted cream and strawberries. I also enjoy the southwest skillet with black beans as a terrific meat substitute. Teaspoon also offers an assortment of delectable protein bowls to choose from.

The Bubble Waffles are a delicious no-meat breakfast that offers a different take on a traditional waffle.

Cup Café
Cup Café in the Hotel Congress is a pleasant yet lively spot to spend the morning in historic downtown Tucson. Located in the beautiful century-old Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress Street, the café offers a vast menu to choose from. On a nice day you can enjoy your breakfast outside on the extensive patio or on a rare cool day, you can dine inside. With a broad selection of breakfast and lunch options that are served until 4 p.m., it’s hard to decide what to eat.

The Tofu Scramble is my personal favorite. This dish contains a vegan sausage and tofu scrambled to resemble eggs in both appearance and taste. It’s so full of flavor that you’ll completely forget that the whole plate is vegan! Vegetarians and vegans can substitute meat in breakfast dishes with vegan sausage that is both animal-friendly and mouth-watering.

The Tofu Scramble at the Cup Cafe at Hotel Congress is a terrific vegetarian alternative for breakfast.

Whether you are just visiting or a local to Tucson, you’ll find plenty of breakfast spots to enjoy your first meal of the day. In a city full of authenticity and culture, you can find everything from unique spins on traditional breakfast dishes to one-of-a-kind specialties. Whatever it is that you are seeking for your most important meal of the day you can find it here in the Old Pueblo.